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LMFAO pretty interesting school day today! Got back my Math results (hello, my name is Phail and I phail ), found out Interview Day was tomorrow, talking about it in IST and thus getting called back for lunch because I did like, nothing T^T
Next period was PE. And guess what :) I WAS IN THE WRONG UNIFORM Fuck. Things brightened up at lunchtime though because it was a laugh :) Josh and Mason and his little crew came up to Alice and asked for some of her snail pastry thingy. LOLOLOL. So funny XD
Mason: Hey Alice, I saw that from far away and taht looks really really nice. Can I have some?
Alice: ...
Julio: Qin. (but it was like a question at the same time XD)
Qin: Er wut? It's not mine.
Julio: Yeah, but.. Qin. D:
*they manage to get some off alice*
Mason: That is good pastry.
Robert: Ohhh, my GOD!!!

After school Qin and Lynn came over to try on my shoes (as they have no other footwear to wear for their interview) and then headed back out to Hurstville because Qin and Joan needed clothes. Man I fucking ran around ESQ being their assistant at the same time, 'twas so tiring. And FUCKING William was being such a fag lor ): ): LOL. William got hungry so we went to KFC to eat nuggets God fuck I'm sucha fatshit. ANYWAYS after heading back to Myer to meet Qin we went home :) I accidentally walked home with Qin's bag so she came back to get it and me, Qin and William all waited for Qin's brother to pick them up. Fucking Qin spat all her Frozen Coke on me oh my god <_<" LAWL.

So so so excited fr tomorrow! I hope I don't choke ):


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