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I woke up this morning with a really really good feeling! Shot out of bed all happy leh. But as I was walking out the door I got so tired I swear to god, it was absolutely apathetic the way I was walking. -.- Fuck. Read a little of Great Expectations on the train, then headed off to.. What did I have first? PD, LOL yeah. After that was Commerce, where I got pulled out of class and had to head all the way down bottom school because Mrs Morgan wanted to talk to me about my lateness. This all took, like, half an hour, because she had to go print something off, ie. my LEVEL TWO NOTE. OH MY GOD I HAVE NEVER BEEN ON A LEVEL TWO BEFORE. And apparently, I'm rude to office ladies and Mrs Morgan told me that I have "a bit of an attitude" I swear I haven't done anything. Seriously, what the fuck. Maybe I'm just rude without knowing it. By the time I walked back up to Commerce class, my self esteem level was literally underground. -______-"

After that was maths, where I got called back to the office because the time Mrs Morgan had put the wrong date on the note. qq, this is fucking lame ): So yeah DOHOHO. SPORT IS THE FUCKING SHIT HAHAHA! I was full doing everything so damn energetically. I HAVEN'T SWUM IN AGES! Feels so good to be back in the water, being a sea creature. :DD (ie. Pisces.)

After school, I met up with William who was cutting his hair. LOL, so amusing XD Sue kept teasing me and William by saying things like, AHH YOU TWO ARE GIRLFRIEND ND BOYFRIEND!! So how would you like his hair to be like, Girlfriend? (me: I don't mind) But the reason you're here is so his hair is cut to your liking! And it went on. LOL I took photos while he was cutting his hair, and MAN he is hairy. I'm still awaiting the photos he's supposed to send me, but he's playing DOTA. Fuck. SO LIKE ANYWAYS, Will Gee and I had a good day today ^____^ NGAWWWW LOLLLL.

So even though there were definite (big) hiccups along the way, I felt good this morning and I still do ^_^ Love you dooshes! :D


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