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After Dr Du today (I still can't believe Michael got kicked out D:) me and Qin went to Miss Saigon where William joined us. After eating (I actually got something different this time! Fried rice for the win) William and I went to the Cinemas to watch Wolverine. I don't even know why, seriously. I kept asking William what was happening and he got so annoyed that I kept talking HAHAHAHAH. Fuck yeah (H)

Surprisingly, Wolverine wasn't a bad movie! I'm a little tempted to watch the other movies to see what happens after taht. Because isn't that the beginning of the beginning? And yeah. Would be weird, watching the last movie first.. Even though technically that is the beginning o.o" Fuck me.

When William and I were walking home he kept annoying me and I got .. annoyed and I told him to stop but he wouldn't. (This sounds like a rape commercial now; "Violence against women! Australia says no" but William didn't hurt me don't worry :)) And yeah I got a bit pissed and he didn't take me seriously but then in the end it was okay because it's so hard to be pissed at him. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN PISSED AT WILLIAM? Like, for real pissed? I bet not. He's so lovable D: Yeah okay anyways. Was an interesting seven months. Masterchef is so good
P.S. Made cake today!

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