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LOL I'm expanding my contributions to the World Wide Web. I have a Blog account, several MSN accounts, Twitter account, Facebook account, Bebo account, FanFiction account, Blogskins account.. :D Even though this does not measure up to Danzo's huge huge collection of accounts. Oh my gosh. I swear he sleeps with his computer. LOL jokes :D <3

For the first time ever, I'm pretty lazy to blog about my day. I realised at Sushi train today that I had barely thought about blog the whole day! That's pretty weird for me since I'm constantly thinking of things to blog about, but I think today I was just content to sit back and enjoy life as it rolls.

But one thing I have got to mention is our bump-in with Daniel Cha after hanging around with all the Bummerz at Hurstville, ie. Jamie, Simon, Aggie, Fatt Lo, Mervyn etc. (Everyone smokes ;__; SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOU x/3.) LOL he was being his usual funny self and we walked up to Sushi Train where I almost spat out my lemon water on more than one occasion. Man it's so freaking adorable when William's around new people and he gets all shy and doesn't really talk much. It contrasts to his personality which is usually very in-your-face-ish. He's great fun when you get to know him 8D LOLL, that suonds dirty .__. Anyways, yeah, we were talking to Daniel Cha (DAVID? DANIEL? WHO THE FUCK KNOWS. HE HAS LIKE FIFTY THOUSAND RELATIVES CALLED DANIEL ANYWAY.) and whenever he talked about Anna, me and Chin just cracked up laughing, because like the rest of the male population everyone finds Anna really annoying HAHAHAHA. Ohhh I miss that lady :) LOL. Yeah, good day. :) After we sent Daniel (Daniel, not David.. fk) to his bus-stop, I went to buy ravioli which mum is making right this moment. :)

But what's life without it's fair share of negatives?
1) I'm spelling shit wrongly. WHAT THE FUCK? I am like, freaking Grammar Queen. JESSICA YUN DOESN'T MISSPELL THINGS OKAY.
2) I think I'm sick. Fucking blocked nose allllll day lor.
3) I have History homework to look forward to ): It's due tomorrow, and I have to do it, or else Miss K won't let Qin and I sit together in History anymore ><

BYE FAGS. :) Going to go eat my ravioli now 8D


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