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After Geography exam (Oh my god. Why leave the hardest till last..? Japanese is tomorrow ;__;) Keshan, Qin, Lynn, Alicebaby, Joan and I all trooped to the city to have some FUN :) And a lot of prawn dumplings. ^_____^ Except we all went to GalaxyWorld first because William was there and he had my necklace. XD And Qin kept trying to win an iPod Nano but to no avail, freaking idiot spent like probably ten bucks or more trying to get that thing -.-' Anyways. I totally owned Jimmy at DDR today :) Man, he's sooo bad. Like. He could not beat me in a thousand years, I'm just so damn pro ya kno. By this time, everyone's stomachs were growling and so we all headed to East Ocean Restaurant (how can you not know where that is?!?!) to go yumcha which had the fucking worst service ever -_- BUT MEHHH. Qin ate like so much LOLOL. Haven't eaten yumcha in ages though, and eating it with friends makes it so worth that $20 we paid :)

William then had to leave (as he, Jimmy and Nathan came halfway) because he had a Business test so we all bid him goodbye and after yumcha, we headed off to take caps :D Which I won't upload here cause half of them are so ugly BUT it was cool cause we were all goofy in an adorkable way. :) :) Keshan left and then it was just us girlies so we took more caps and finally headed off to karaoke where they kept adding time and I missed William ):

'Twas cold todayyy.

Must must must :
- Keep out of the sun!
- Get skinny. If you see me talking about buying food or looking at it with a longing in my eyes, please promptly remind me that I'm trying to lose weight.
- Put more images on bloggie ):

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