23, Sydney AU


Today it was only SandyBaby and I on the train since everyone else was either at home sleeping or already at school for the Food Tech. God knows I suck at Jap so instead of studying for a subject I'm not going to even do next year, I took lots of lovely luvo's with Sandy :):)

After Japanese exams (free, I tells ya! FREE!) we all headed back to Hurstville and met up with Jz, William and.. yeah to go to my house where we watched BOF and HIMYM, ate jaffles and pears all whilst waiting for 2:35 to come. Finally we all (minus Jimmy) headed to the cinema to watch Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past 8D I teared up but no one else did -.-' Gayyy.

I can't wait to watch Monsters vs. Aliens and eat Pancakes at the Rocks tomorrow! ♥ Have not spent time with my F4 in ages yo. :)



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