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MAN today was so exhausting~!

8:30 - 10:30; Chinese school. I got there at like 9 cause I went to Kogarah Woolworths to buy a Labeller, to find the one I wanted wasn't fucking there :@ I was so fucking cut yo. Like, I totally wanted that em.. em.. emb - em something. But u know how the letters stick up ? D: Yeah well it's really sexy <3 Anyways, let's say that I learnt a lot in Chinese. Hah hah hah. ;) LOL okay anyways. Yeah, spent the whole lesson writing limericks abut everyone LAWL. Will post when bothered :)
11:00 - 2 Attempted to study at the library in which we gained members of our little group (Fatt Lo & I) plus Alice, Qin, Rocky, Joan, William and met Jimmy & Nathan/Renwick briefly. :) Then since we were getting no studying done we went to eat sushi train & go to EasyDVD to buy Hannibal Rising and go to my house to eat popcorn and jaffles and drink juice and watch it :)
2 - like, 7.30 Hannibal Rising is so good. He's a little bit coo-coo, though XD But it's fucking hilarious when they swear LOL This reminded me of the good times when we watched Death at a Funeral and Sandy fell off the sofa laughing and Andrew H's laughs were so funny :D

I hate period pain ):


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