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First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDY KWONG! I hope, out of the birthdays you've had and will have, this is one you will remember for ages and aaaages to come. :) We all tried really hard to make this special for you, hahaha. So yeah, I hoped you liked turning fifteen =p

Secondly, another happy birthday to Tazzy and Renwick, who also turned one year older today! :D Although R is turning one year older than Sandy but NO MATTER. ;) Dohoho.

Thirdly, I apologise for those who have been waiting for my update (but who's reading this anyway right ): ) but I've had a fucking hectic weekend, but more of that later, Sandy wants me to talk about her birthday :p Lynn's dad drove Lynn, Qin and I to S' house after English tutor (Michael Lule wasnt there.. I think he really did get kicked out QQ) and went to her street. At first, I thought that it was the really really pretty house next door but it wasnt LOLOL. When we walked in everyone was in the living room playing with the Wii or whatever and then the party got rolling! :) But first me and Lynn had to wrap Sandy's present LOL. Fucking best-looking present I've ever like, made yo. Anyway we joined the others to go watch a bit of Pokemon movie, Charlie the Chcoolate Factory (Johnny Depp one) and half of Alvin & the Chipmunk.

THIS MOVIE IS FUCKING AWESOME. Theodore is my favourite.

Dinner was fucking hilarious. (And yummy, too. I wrote funny but I had to backspace because I realised that meant the same thing.)
Sandy: Tracy?
Lorraine: *mishears* Did someone say tissues??
Sandy's mum: *hears* Who wants tissues? Here are some. *starts handing out a box of tissues*
Jess: *cracks up*
Lynn: LOL what happened
Jess: *tells her*
Lynn: *cracks up also
And that's what happened. :)

We cut the cake and sang Happy birthday and S went to get unwrap Lynn & my present and she really liked it 8D she went and changed and wore all her presents (woolen beige overalls (skirt), beanie and that was it I guess :| ) After A & the Chipmunks finished that we went out to play sparklers but Lynn had to leave ;___; Sigh, the sparklers were so fucking pretty though. Bahahha :D

We ended up playing Sardines which is like hide and seek, but build up. Instead of one person finding everyone else, one person has to hide and those who find her hide with her and the last one to find them loses LAWL. I saw Qin's sleeve in the bathroom so I was like, "Qin..?" and I climbed in with them. LOL we couldn't stop laughing! XD Alice came in with us but then Belle had to leave so we got out of the bathtub and bid Belle byebye. (hehe alliteration 8D) I don't remrember what we did after this but I'm pretty sure we did something like play Wii or something, idk. Man I fucking own at that cowriding game 8D Fuck year. (y)

A very good night :) Joan's mum came to pick Q, J and I up at 10 30 and we were the last ones to go~ Good bdae party, bahahah. When I got home I was so trucked out I didn't even go on the computer to update -_- I needed my sleep, anyway, since I had Salvos the next day. (Oh god). I don't want to make thi spost even longer than it already freaking is so I'll just let you know that we

a) skipped streets,
b) raised about $600 bucks and
c) watched Night at the Museum 2 afterwards :) Good good movie! Go see it, it's quite funny LOLOLOL.

So as a last note, happy birthday Sandy! May this year bring everything you want ^^

BYE NOOBS! I have maths tutor tomorrow -_________-" Not looking forward to it yo. ): Dr Du made us move seats qq

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