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Mood: Chipper *chirp*
Music: Omg some fucking random Buddha music my mum put on what the fuck.

After tutoring today (a quiet class, unfortunately ): )I went to B&T with Qin with the intention fo buying a bra and I didn't even fucking get one. ): There are not that many bras that are pretty and have my size. -_- and then went to buy William's present. If he doesn't like it, I will literally chop his fucking dick off. (Not really) but you get my point yeah. - O -

I bought a new book today :D It's called How Language Works or something like that. It's not a novel, so that's a change, but it's very pschological so fuck year. :) I cant wait to go back to Dymocks library with my mum one day. I haven't gone ct with her in literally like two years @@" I really need boookkssss. I'm planning to fill the top row of my brand new bookcase with classics & popular, well known books~ Cheap books x3.

So Will G's lately developed this new obsession with a popular drama, known as Boys over Flowers in English - but too bad it's the Japanese version! BWAHAHA. Fucking love that drama. But I really wanna watch the Korean one though, cause I heard it was really funny. But the point is that he's so obsessed with it that he wanted the CD, and since I hadn't seen him in like two days, I went out to give him the drama :) Fucking no buses so we both decided to walk towards each other and yeahh. LOL. It was pretty fun, we had gum-spitting competitions and such :D I blame the fact that he won entirely because he is like a head taller than me -.- Sigh, lame. Then when we kissed we both tasted like mentos gum :D LOLLLLL. Yeh kay.

Tried to hurt him but ended up hurting myself -.-

@7:08pm: So I found out today that the English exam is tomorrow. And I don't even have my fucking book.

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