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Mood: Sick D:
Music: Chinky news. But Tomorrow - Some Korean Dude is stuck in my head.

It's getting so cold these days~!

Today I made three salads for me, Lynnjee and William - O -' It took so incredibly long since I ran out of chicken and I needed some meat in them so I had to bake Nuggets♥. So then I got to William's house like 45 mins after my anticipated time and I was an hour late to study. Fah~! It started raining when I was walking there and William's jacket is so complicated ;_; So when I finally zipped it up it had practically stopped raining. -.-'

Study was a bore, I didn't really do any work ecept towards the end where we ended up doing Commerce instead of English. And -


@ 6:49pm: Yeah, hi.

So where was I.. Oh yes. We were studying for Commerce and shit and like yeahh, I told her to read Artemis Fowl and Lynn found it and was all like, so what's an Artemis Fowl. - O -' LOL clueless much?

'Cept beforehand it took me ages to bring food to William since I had to go to Franklins and shit to buy him an Oak. Sigh it was so shitted up because the Jaffle I made for him was all soggy and the salad was freaking weird because I used Nugget chicken and omg shit like that ): ): ): Omg sigh, I fail leh. But oh well, he was so kind as to tell me it was nice, "no joke". But then Lynn said that it was only "..mm" good ):

LOL, Picnic tomorrow~! I hope it doesn't fucking rain leh. See you nooblets<3

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