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So today was the day of the picnic! Which weeee didn't even have at a park. We didn't even have it on the roof. Instead, we were all lazycunts and stayed at my place watching Mulan and So Little Time LOL.

After fucking around at my place and going through my baby photos, Keshan finally arrived and we set off to watch 17 Again! :D

It was seriously so worth the $7.50 we payed. I have found a new respect for Zac Efron, after seeing that he actually can act, and seeing him in a comedic movie that never had a dull moment. :D

Go see it now!

Anyhows, afterwards we went to KFC to eat and shit OH haha did we mention we saw Jake beforehand?! I did my usual greeting etc by bashing him. LOL. :D Then at KFC they were all being the faggoty faggots. SIGH such IMMATURE beings =P

Catch you fuckheads laterr. I need to type notes ><"


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