23, Sydney AU


Mood: Colddd.
Music: Reflections - Coco Lee

Godfuck. School started again ): Sigh what the fuck is this. Everything feels so normal now ): ): ): Freaking felt like holidays never happened leh. + I look so plainly disgusting in my uniform ==' So like, I've gained. Fuck what the fuck is this. Seriously ;__;

Tuesday was so fun ;)

Oops forgot to round this hehe XD

Fuck, today was so fucking cold. ;_; Dressed like a freaking eskimo to school today with a scarf and an undershirt and everything. ><" Then after school I met up with Colin, Q and William to hang out at Hursy and talk while Vince came to collect his MiLK. (:

Study hard children~! Exams soon D:


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