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Another one taken from Danzo's extensive connections. And was it fucking raining Jessica's and Hippopotamuses (?) just now or what ?

Dear Anonymous

I've been thinking about doing this for a while now but have been putting it off. So here we go, it's not a game but what you've got to do is think about 10 people who pop into your head and write about them. However, don't be too personal or obvious and give out who they are. Here are my ones:

1. Hahaha! I so adore you! I love your funny high-pitched laugh and the way you sang That Song at Karaoke That Time. You're such a fucking cutie, babe. (: I'm so glad I know you leh ^^ I'm sure everything will go great for you & him

2. You're so hard to manage, but I adore you. I really really do XD You make me laugh with your sarcastic sense of humor and I love that. :D Even though sometimes I can't talk to you in real life, I really hope I won't ever lose you as a friend. ♥

3. LOL BABYYY. You are my motherfucking partner in crime XD! I so love our bitching sessions together and when we get together, I swear to god we can do anything. :D Our friendship is irreplaceable. Thankyou for being in my life ♥

4. This guy is quite literally one in a million :D Talking to him is so comfortable, I enjoy it quite a lot. :D Even though we have periods where we get a bit fucked off at each other, it's never for very long! I would miss your friendship if I didn't have it; I love the time we spend together, this guy really brings stuff into my life. LOL See you some time :)

5. I will literally not stop cracking up whenever we have class together. Period. (Even go tme in trouble once -.-)

6. I love you I never thought I could be so comfortable around someone like this. You brought me somewhere I've never been before, and you've really affected my life. I wish this would never end ♥

7. You're always the person I know I can fall back on, and whenever I hang with you I'm sure to get an enjoyable experience, no matter what we do (: I hope you can depend on me babes. ily ♥ (Even though you dont read this .. But barely anyone does though LOL)

8. Where have you been, old friend? I get so excited to see you it's not funny.. I'm not afraid of letting you know see weaknesses or my faults because I know you'll always love me for who I am and think I'm great, no matter what. I want to see you again! I miss your crazyness (:

9. I have fabulous chats with you on msn.. And even though we're not totally close in real life, we know each other's place and we're there to back each other up. I got you ;) And you know you can talk to me whenever you need it :D I'm so glad you're there to help me =)

10. I wish this person liked me as much as I liked them TT^TT I used to love our spontaneous, hilarious chats with you but now you seem to just dont seem that high-spirited anymore whenever I try to talk to you. But seriously :D I hope you get the score you wanted! Fingers crossed ;)

PS: I will link this to the ten people I wrote about. So if I didn't link you personally then you're not in it :p


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