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So, Guest of Honor this entry will be Joan Chen, the lame one. LOL. -.- Yeah okay. Anyhows today was another attempt at studying at the library which failed ish.. =x When I got there Jimmy was already there and he was studying by himself and so quietly too. And then we saw Cecil and a couple of his friends and such. :D

So like, I'm so fucking lazy to blog at the moment cause I just took my medicine and it's making me sleepy ): Joan is being her fucking lame self and laughing at me because I misspelt 'took' and wrote 'ook' instead and now she fucking cant stop laughing at it cause SHE'S CRAZYYYYY.

And yeah :D At like one o clock my cries of "I'm hungry!" FINALLY got everyone to get up and go to Sushi train, where we had to wait like five minutes for this lady who was fucking sitting by herself and eating an udon like a loner. :@ I was glaring at the back of her head and I think she could feel it because she turned around and she got up, paid and then left. LOL. ^_____^"

Yeah so then at Sushi train I think it was pretty funny because we couldn't stop laughing and such. LOL. I was like laughing with my mouth full and like let's just say we couldn't keep the food in our mouths. ;)

So like, yeah, I'll let Joan have her little corner now.


..That was it .__.'

WELL THEN. Alice was a LOT more interesting, baahaha. Anna has told me she's made up a new word: "fcol", which stands for "for crying out loud". She's horribly convinced that the whole world is going to use it. -.-'

Now Joan's laughing cause I wrote confinced instead of convinced.. Not that funny.. LOL today I versed Lynn in chess and she obviously won. ): LOL I fucking fail so hardcore leh. ): ): ): Except I owned her in DDR so that's okay.. =x LOLLL. Blah. I'm so out of it right now.


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