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Today was so so so cold. Ayah ): Alice and I were drawing each other in science class and didn't do much revisin HEEHE. But yeah. The scans will be on our blog very shortly :)

After school me and William went to the library to "study" but no one really got any studying done ;__; Then William got a V and I got all huffy LOLOLOL. Then when I finally wrestled it out of his hands after he drank like everything he got all "God, woman! You wasted like $1.50" (ie. 10c T^T) then I got even huffier ;____________; Fuck PMS and my temper lor ):

Got our results for Geo assignment today, 22/24. I thought this was pretty good but then me and Qin flicked through the result paper thingymajig and found that I had lost two marks for Pollution Solutions and Qin called me Competent (instead of Highly Developed, which she thinks she is.) LOL whatever. 22 is good, okay.

It's so coldddd. ): I feel so bad for hitting William LOL ><

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