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I had a sudden craving for nuggets, and thought I ought to let the world know.

Do you know what I miss about China? The way that shops are still wiiide open at 11:55pm at night, and you can just pop down the street or whatever to get a bite to eat. It'd be damn fun to walk around with like a skewer of meat in your hand and just like hacking it off carnivorously with your teeth. Hahaha.. I miss that. ): Then again, I really really hated the way the sky looked purple at night instead of the inky black dotted with stars we get here in Australia<3 But now that I think of it, China DOES have it's upsides too:
  • The shops. Oh, my GOD. I loved going shopping there. Too bad I was too fat. -.-' And the late night stores and shit like that.. ^__^
  • The food.
  • Yumcha and Pizza Hut.. Need I say more? I didn't go Pizza Hut ONCE when I last went, though. :D I think it was only because no one took me there. ):

  • Don't get me started.

  • No, seriously though. I fucking hated the people, the dirty streets, the hobos, the streets, the people, the air, the fucking cars that don't give a shit about who they run over - it's a case of move the fuck out of my way or you die, the rudeness of people.. -.-' Sigh. It's enough to drive one crazy, and I almost did go crazy -__- Did I also mention I dislike my mother's side of the family? Like, a lot. A lot a lot. :) :)

    Sigh, History's such a bore.

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