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Mood: Not bad.
Music: Something by Someone. Was listening to Love and War by Davichi (L)

So like. Yeah, new blogskin :D Pretty satisfied with it. Once again, I'm lazy to blog but there were quite a few funny things so I'll post them up.

Lynn: If you moonbathe, will you get lighter?
Sandy: LOLOLOL asif.
Sandy: ..will you?

Mr Reedman: Brendon, you're really starting to annoy me.
Brendan: Sorreeeeee.
Mr Reedman: No, YOU'LL be sorry.
Brendon: But I just said I was sorry.

Me & W went up to the rooftop today. ^^ It was nice, bahahaha. I love that stupid fag, even though he's a stupid fag. =p

Happy holidays, everyone! Nathan and Danzo are going off to foreign asian lands. Buy me something :D (Highly doubt they would, since one wouldnt even share his lollies with me and the other lives in freaking Fairwood or Fairfield or whatever.)

So like, Qin can't get over Boys over Flowers now that's shes actually got it. Waddup?

Oh and guess who got 30% for a Science test that's worth 20% of the overall half yearly Science mark. Highest I can get now is 86%, and that's IF I get 100% for everything else.
And I'm doing fucking Chemistry next year -.-

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