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Went to Wg's house today :D! Fucking went there at like 11 and waited til 1 30 for Chin to come. Then we watched Monsters Inc x3 and played Wii (have you seen her play boxing, HAHAAH) and waited for the bikes to get ready for like aaagesss, and when we went to actually ride the freaking bikes it was like 2 30 LOL. Only rode them for like half an hour and my vagina fucking hurt like dicks cause the bike was too tall for me (it was too tall for Qin too, so I'm not that short. >_>) So like yeah :D Afterwards, we made Migoreng (fucking hilarious LOLOL) and watched Cinderella (Disney Classics styool!)

and Qin left then we finished the movie then Wililams mum drove me home ^^ LOL, Nellie's as funny as ever :L

I should blog about my last two days thoughh. Kay. So like, at Castle Hill we fucked around at Castle Towers for a while then went back to Anna's (in a taxi.. Fucking guy was a bastard to us because we kept arguing about where to be dropped off LOLOL) and watched Anchorman (sucks) and Qin's Boys over Flowers for a while :D LOL, then we all migrated into the Kitchen (which is still fucking massive) to help Anna cook and eat the fried rice (which no one finished except me ._.)

After 20 minutes (don't wanna get a stomach ache now do we :D) we went into the pool and that's where all the fun started! Cause it was fucking cold leh. ): BUT then, Anna's father turned the spa on for us and we went in that. :D

LOL, it was really entertaining because we played games and truth/dared and shizol. :D LOL. Fucking so fun leh. :DDD

Then we went to shower and get cleaned up and I had a funny shower with Anna LOL. (No we didn't strip you fuckers) Literally so much of her hair drops out it's not funny -.- I was like constantly pulling hair off her body. (Interpret that however you wish)

So then we did our nails boredly in her room but then Chin etc got hungry and we went to make ramen and dumplings :D. LOL, I couldn't fucking take teh chili after like 3 strands -.- Nah not really but it was like, reallyyy motherfucking hot. And I wanted icecream so bad LOL. I bought the kind Anna gave me :D It's like 97% fat free Wildberry by Blue Ribbon or some shit. LOL, good stuff. (Y)

Anyhows, after that I .. fuck. What did we do ? Whatever. LOL, anyways, when we went to sleep Anna was fucking shitting herself listening to Qin's scary stories -.- Then I really had to chuck a piss and when I came back, Qin and her fucking mad scientist hair walked past me zombie style and I screamed - O - not my fault she was filling my head with creepy shit. ): So like yeah HEHE =) Supposedly I was talking so much in my sleep but I shall not write it down leh. -.-"

So then the next morning, we got ready to go to Eastershow :D Met up with them kids, gave William his present (shirt that costed a 3-digit number) bla bla bla :) Baby Alice was there on the train also XD.

Let's get straight to the point -.- I fucking feel like I've been blogging for a year and a half, I shit you not leh. So I went on this fucken fifteen dollar ride that was NOT worth it, when I felt like I would almost fucking throw up lor. And Qin was freaking beside me sceraming her head off like, THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!! etc.

LOL When we came back Colin was onthe train with us and him, Chin and Wg all did insane embarrasing things on the train. -.- LOL.

So like yeah, I really cbf atm LOL. But last coupla days were fucking orgasmical ♥

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