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Mood: Pretty good leh (:
Music: None. Mum's watching her crappy chink tv~

So like, today I walked to William's house, freaking 45 minutes late. -_- Well it was a surprise anyway, so fuck that LOLS. His mum was out, his dad was up and his sister was still sleeping but I was walking pretty quietly anyway XD I gave him his present -

and he went fucking bonkers, I shit you not. In any case, I'm glad he liked it. :D

Then we watched 10 Things I Hate About You (best movie; I love this quote:
"The Shit Hath Hitteh the Faneth"
then like 3/4 through we went to Maccas to get food. Bought like 20 Nuggets and a Fillet O Fish meal. >_> Gosh we're fatshits. (But I got a salad :D)

Then we watched.. What did we watch again? Dude Where's my Car :D It's literally the dumbest movie ever. -______- Freaking christ. It's so fucking stupid, it's not funny, my IQ was slipping literally like by the second. Well anyways, I then drew on his window with Nellie's fucking awesome chalk texta pen and I graffitied the shit out of his window and now her pen's like wasted D: LOL Sorry Nell.. XD" Bahahas. (But seriously, they're fucking cool.)

And then, I was about to leave when William's mum invited me to dinner. Plans were made, etc etc etc and it ended up that me and William were going to Sizzler, Nellie & Nyguen (Idk how to spell .__.') were going to .. Hurricanes? LOL and Williams paernts were staying home.

LOL, did you know this is my first time at Sizzler D:
Well, my first memory of it anyway. My mum says that I went when I was like, two or some shit. But I don't remember.


Tmr we're going to Castle Hill (since me and Wg love Anna so much ) and then going to Bondi for a Gaintsev family dinner (plus gf&bfs).

Oh my, I must say I can't wait :D

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