23, Sydney AU


Mood: Fark year.
Music: Errr. Something on the radio.. Iono what it's called. But I know it's like, "Baby go Crazy Break the rules! ooh oh oh oh go go" etc.

Today I met up with Jz, Joan and then Nathan (he REALLY looks like Renwick~!!) and Wg to "study" HEHEHE. Was pretty fun, although once William came no one got any studying done ;__; At least I didnt. This kid has fucking pneumonia or bronchiotisomething and he fuckng bought a V today -.-' V IS FOR THE WEAK. DONT DRINK V, KIDS.

Haha I love TodayFM. (Listening to it right now.. My mum bought this radio that has Chinese AND Australian radio LOL)

LOL I fucking like these kids.

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