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Music: Replay - SHINee

So, I've successfully learnt how to play the Together by Ne*Yo on piano.

In one hour!

Gosh, excitement much. Dad was so surprised that I was playing piano when he came home last night and he was all like, why are you suddenly playing piano now? And I'm like I like this song and there are tutorials on the internet, blah blah blah. LOL. I tried t sing with it but it's hella hard. So I'm waiting for Jordan to come online to see if he wants to duet with me :D

Oh look, he's on Away. Probably sleeping.

Let me know if you're up for it 8D (Note: I'm still pretty fucking noob LOL)

Also forgot to mention I was fucking beat last night when I feel asleep. Playing piano makes you so tired, since you're looking down all the time and it was like 11:30 at night, HAHAHA. I calculated the hours, turned out I was awake like 17 hours of the day -.- Woke up at 7am yesterday, got out of bed at like 10 today @_@ Big difference leh.

Staying at home has been so far good for me; I've dropped like half a kilo. This probably will not only come back on once school starts, but double. Sigh. I can't wait to go easter show at night! :D It's going to be legendary. (Don't know why I said that, probably cause I read Qin's blog last night <_<)

Also forgot to mention this. I was lying on my bed this morning thinking about my stuff and I realised that I'm pretty convinced that I'm going to fail everything this half yearly exam. LOL, goes to show how low my self esteem is. But seriously, though, I'm like shitting my pants man. Fucking 30% for a "simple chemistry test" (as Keshan puts it)?!!? What the fuck is this. I can't even make a fucking word equation, that's how mfking fail I am.

Save me ):


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