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Idk how to spell anymore. LOL -.- What I DO know is that Katoomba is fucking wet, my legs are fucking butch, the toilet @ the campsite is literally the shit and I now see showers in such a different light. Oh, man. (L)

(I have to write an official log & report for the teacher QQ)
Teachers: Mr Turbet & Hughes, Mrs Middleton.
Homies: JOAN5 minus Alice XD
Others: Ricky (HBD!), Matt & Nayfen

So like when I woke up it was raining like ballsacks, so wg didn't come to say bye to me at fucking 5 50, like durhur. And we made a bet the night before so he totally owes me an easyway. Mmmhm, so I left the house DRY, JC picked me up to Lynn's place, went back to Joan's cos we left a packet of chips there and then we got to school, waited a whole hour for Chin Lin and FINALLY we boarded the bus to Megalong. (LOL.)

There isn't much to blog the daytime, except for the fact that everyone fucking got soaked as shit. In fact it was raining so much we had to completely alter our original path, so we ended up just walking to a track, eating next to the river WHILE IT WAS RAINING, walk back IN THE RAIN (all this took like five fucking hours) so when we got on the bus and went back to the campsite everyone was like shivering while setting up tents. But when tents were erected (hehe) etc and started making the food, that was nb. Seriously we were all cold as FUCK. -_________-

I got pretty mixed feelings about the rain; if it hadn't rained so much we would have gone on our original route and walked a lot but since it rained a lot we went on a shorter path but got soaked so they're pretty even. Dinner was like, Continental Cup-A-Soup (Cream of Chicken and Creamy Chicken ?_?) and poor Joan brought so little clothes. D: So we all lent her socks and stuff (okay, Lynn) and then Lynn got soaked and I lent her my jacket and Qin didn't have a raincoat so Lynn lent her one of hers.

SO ANYWAYS. Yeah, dinner was fucking MAD, LOL. Especially night time HEHEHEHE 8D Fucking crackups @ Viv's MSN name (we love you darling), @Nathan, Matt & Ricky's group being idiots and @ Confession time. And ESPECIALLY @ Qin's scary stories she made up.. FUCKING LOL ! Lynn screamed at like fucking everything and I was the only one laughing because a) Qin was making everything into comedy (e.g. "And then he was like, "Say wat?") and b) because I was kinda nervous. Fucking lol to the maximum. XD

What else leh :) Well anyways, the next day we didn't do any walking at all because it was too wet. Thank god for the rain, hey. ^^ So anyways, for lunch we all went to Maccas (had no idea where we were because like everyone was sleeping on the bus) and I couldn't seem to find my bag so we all borrowed Qin's $20 and now I owe her like $10 because I'm a fatshit.

LOL, I'm just kidding. I'm paying for Lynn too since I owe her and yeah :) But now she owes me $2 for train ticket so now I just owe her 8. I'm going off topic. So when we got back to Hurstville we fully tried to avoid seeing anyone but Will g saw me before I showered anyway so fuck that. >____> Looked like THE fugliest maggot I shit you not. - O - And Mrs Middleton took so many freaking photos and in one my ass was like sticking out to the camera like FUCK. -___- I like so begged her not to put that photo in the newsletter. ):

So, I guess it was okay, except for the fucking rain. Like fuck man. Towards the end of that stupid walk we all just took off our hoods because we were too fucking saturated. And did I mention I have fucking huge leg muscles now? Well yeah. Took me fucking half a year to work the last DOE muscles off and now they're fucking back. -_- I hope they go down soon. ):

That's it nooblets! Back to sku tmr, see your sexy faces soon ! ;)

P.S. Results (I fucking fail):- (Hey! It looks like a dick)
English: 15/20 (75%)
Commerce: 50/65 (77%; McRae gave me a Good work :)
Dr. Du Homework: A (LOL half copied off Lynn)
Dr. Du Quiz: 98% (3/4 copied off Lynn LOLOL. The fuck would I do without her<3)

@8:05pm: Totally forgot to bitch. So I.T. and J.S. were REALLY getting on our nerves. Fucking stupid motherfucking bitches were either giving us dirties or showing off about HOW FUCKING AMAZING THEY WERE, because the last time EYE had toasted marshmallows was year 7 (failed to mention we had indeed attempted a campfire and I toasted marshmallows in the rain.. Jacket smelt like metho afterwards) and SHEEE has an open fireplace in HER living room so SHE gets them EVERY WINTER. WELL FUCK YOU BITCH <_< Like Lynn said, just because your life sucks, get off ours.
And stupid fucking I.T. was making all these fucking quips like she was the queen of the freaking world and everyone has to fucking bow down to her fat ass and fugly shoes. Fffffffff. -O- Driving me crazy.

And Ginnie Wong is so cute. :D She was like, why would you call your school Pimple ladies? And we're like it's Pymble ladies and she's like Oh. LMAO XD

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