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Mood: Nottt baddd. I can't wait til 10 45 8D
Music: I'm starting to think that Chinese tv somehow influences my blogging sessions.

So like, I never went to Castle Hill, HAHAHA. Yeah. Got cancelled - Anna's coming to today instead :D Lawls. Yesterday Jordan and Lynn came over to play piano etc (LOL aren't we retards) and just fuck around, watch Ratatouille etc. I forgot how funny that movie was. Tis so good leh :DDD

So like, Lynn brought me Great Expectations yesterday! Scoree, another classic book to get through. Downside is, though, I fucking lost my Family And Other Animals (book)! Fucking turned the apartment upside down trying to freaking look for it. ): Anyone have any idea where it's went, please let me know (although I doubt you do).

I also for got to mention bye to Danzo! :D As of right now, he's probably situatied in Vietnam eating.. pho, or something like that. LOL. I told him to bring me some but he said it's going to rot. ): Fag. LOL. Jokes. <3.
Also bye to Nathan, who won't know I said this because he was already off the train before I said bye to him and he never reads my blog anyway and he won't be going on msn cause I don't think he went to fkn HK (so jealous -.-) to go on msn (like I did when I went to GZ).

ANYWAYY. Last night! Was pretty fucking good :D Fucking William told me I looked like a grandma. ): What a faggot. ><" LOL.
'Twas raining when I got into the car and it rained almost all night long, but as I look out the window the sun's full out. I fucking hope that it's a nice weather today -.-' LOL, I'm seriously so pumped. I don wanna get disappointed though. ):

Kay, I'm going to list the things I learnt from last night:
  • William gets very moody when he's hungry. Especially when he hasn't eaten anything for the whole day.
  • Hurricane's Grill is the reason why Australians are fat. (they weren't kidding when they wrote "Mammoth" T-Bone on the menu.. William can comfirm this)
  • They give you bibs :D LOL
  • William's dad is like a new brand of goofy-cute and a bit scary.
  • Nellie is fucking hilarious (wait I already know this) LOL. I always laugh when I meet her, she's just so freaking funny XD Whether it be liek, spearing a lettuce with her fork or talking to Lucky or describing Disney Classics movies XD
  • William is always perverted.
Fuck year. :D Had a awesum time last night

And now today I'm meeting J1, Jz, Wg, Anna and Lynn in like 51 minutes :D! So fucking exciteddddd

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