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Today was physically good, because we (Lynn, Joan, Alice, Qin and I ft. Malanie) played Cops and Robbers with Theguys (Matt, Jamie and Jordan ft. Ivan [accidentally called him Ian by accident once.. woops..]) and yeah. :D We women (aka J04NF!VE - don't ask me how the name got pickd.. LOL) kicked mega assssss. I totally caught Fattlo and Jamie, yo. :D BAHAHA. Almsot got Jawden but hes fucking fast as balls. >__> The last game took literally an hour fucking catching them, aw gawd. ): Then we took a break and me and Jordan went to westfield to get a drink & empty the bladder and I went to Cookieman to see if they had any Chocolate Brandysnaps and it turns out that they dont fucking sell them anymore. Omfg, QQ. Fucking loved that shit. (L)

Mmmmm. Geo assignment, fuckme~~

I want a new skinnn wor.

P.S. Matt and Qin and Daniel put glue on my seat in Chink sku today. LOL. Dickheads. And I bashed into th door XD

Oh, also forgot to mention we watched Mall Cop today. Let me give you some advice. DON'T WATCH IT. It's so bad. And all throughout the movie Jrdan was like, Oh my god she's so fat, she's so fat etc. (he wasn't talking about me) And yeah. Don't watch it, ffarrrrrrrr. >__________>"

Also forgot to mention that yesterday, we got our Semester 1 exam timetables! Woooahh, fuck me yes bro. I was gu'ed when I saw that I didn't have a freaking spare day though. D; and I think I shall have to catch the early train or some shit to get to these fucking 9am exams. - O - Fuck me, I'm gonna fayoooolll.

I'm so fucking loaded these days it's not funny anymore.

SUNDAY 29MAR - Finish off Geography assignment, Dr Du English tutoring, buying Duke of Ed stuff and possibly a singlet from Cotton On. :D Hmm, I need new bras too..
MONDAY 30MAR - Geography Assignment due, Quadratic Equations topic test
TUESDAY 31MAR - Science prac test moved to this date. Dr Du Mathematics tutoring.
WEDNESDAY 01APR - Duke of Ed (fucking have to wake up at like 5.30 for this shit, I can't fucking believe this)
THURSDAY 02APR - Back from DOE (I'm going to have my fucking period. Watch me. -__-)
FRIDAY 03APR - School resumes. At least it's fucking reading day at sku. I LOST CANT FIND MY HONK IF YOU'RE JESUS OH MY GOD (T_T)

Bye :)


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