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I hope I made my daddy happy today ^^
(I was studying for math)

Shortest entry of the year.

@10 55pm: Going to un-shorten this entry for the year.

So we totally went to Coles to shop, and we literally stayed there for a fucking hour LOL. And when we were buying twiggy sticks, I swear to god the lady thought I was spastic because I asked for 12 in a bag and just one in another.

For William <_<
Did you know one twiggy stick costs 35cents.
So then he just took it out of the packet and ate it.

Everything costed $140 in total TT___TT, we had $190 together so I guess that was cool but fuck me man. -_- My hands like died walking from the bus stop to my home, okay. Dude. I will literally die at DOE. Joan says (or was it Qin? yeah I think it was Qin) that there is a 50% chance taht we're going to have to stay another night because we'll either 1) get lost or 2) the river will flood. <______< Fffffff. I really don't wanna go on DOE, ffff.. ): No wg ): ): ): ): QQ.

That kid's not going to camp and for the life of me I don't know why. Why wouldn't you want to go to camp, what with a different environment and with your friends and the secret sharing and such. (LOL can you imagine Jz and Wg doing that) But seriously folks. Camp is like the fucking sexual.

(Isn't it ironic how I'm hating on DOE while I'm saying camp is sexual)
Well DOE is completely different. For starters we actually have electricity and facilities and such at Thredbo. But Blue Mountains, no. Blue Mountains wont provide you with a hot bath and shampoo and a toilet. Blue Mountains will laugh at you while you QQ over the very likely possibility of getting your period while you go to Blue Mountains.

So screw you, BM. - O -
(as in not blogger main :D)

Dr Du English homework this week is so muchh oh goddd.


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