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LOL All throughout today I kept saying "This is so going on my blog." Then I forget what it is that's going on my blog. -.-

MORNING: Woke up at 7 cos William called me cos I told him to cos I was up late studying for my maths topic test. -.- I slept at like 1am man. Anyhows, yeah. He called me and then I fell asleep and slept for like another 40 mins and decided to have the world's quickest shower, turns out the fastest I can manage is like 18 minutes which really sucks. Now I know why Australia's in drought <_< Ate like fifty million mini muffins on the train and showed everyone my Harry Potter Puppet Pals video on my iPod, LOLS. & then when it came to the actual test I fucking choked. WTF IS THIS MAN??!?! Oh god. -.- Ffffffffff. I figured out most of them at like the last fucking FIVE MINUTES, fuck mah dick. <_<

LATE MORNING: Had like IST or something? Did like literally nothing all lesson except comment on all the models in Dolce&Gabbanna. LOLLL. I'll send them to myself and post em up next time XD.
Then had PE which I totally fucked. -.- Since I was wearing the wrong uniform since I was rushing, well FUK THATT. Fucking Mr O made me like clean up all the tags (Alice helped me; we did them SO neatly it's not funny) and yeah, I was exempt from writing lines. Seriously, that doesn't do anything. - O -
So R.D. really pissed me off in ..Oztag(?) today. Fucking go back to your stupid work experience, no one wants you here, omfg. She said "shitted" when it's obviously shat, like durhur. Get your fucking swear words right you stupid woman. Who else pissed me off? Well Sunny Ruan didn't pass me the ball today, he fucking kicked it. And I was right behind him --' God talk about girl bashing man. <___<'

NOON: Duke of Ed meeting. LOLLLL. In which we recieved our backpacks (new :D), our cookers (also new :D) and our tent (I think it's new). Then we proceeded to get a lecture about how we need a raincoat cos it's going to rain blah blah blah. Fark out. ): Did I mention that I have my period on Duke of Ed? Zzzz.
I'm gonna miss wg so much FFFFFF. Wonder if I can bring him D: (he can hold my shit LOL)

AFTER SCHOOL: Me + Lynn walked home in the light rain to put our Duke of Ed shit back and we planned a party at Dr Du. :D Ahahaah. So then we went to Coles, went to the carpark to wait for Qin's uncle to pick her up then me, Lynn and William went to Dr. Du to do our homework. Now kids, Idk if you guys are aware of this but William's not enrolled in Dr Du so we totally thought we would get caught out instantly so when we walked into the homework classroom I cracked up like shiet. :) Everyone was like looking cos I bought a massive packet of Doritos, juice and salsa (how sad are we?? LOL) and a boyfriend -_____-' So then, some of the chicks got the man himself to help them with mathematics. About two minutes later the two office ladies come in and tell us that William can't be here cause he's not enrolled in our class. I swear they hate me.

Ooh! I also forgot to mention that J.K. hit H.B. today because H.B. was giving shit to W.M. and since J.K. and W.M. are blackanese or something I guess they were "backing each other up." (Although I don't really know why W.M. couldn't have hit him himself, but J.K. has been looking for an excuse to hit H.B. like, since last freaking year, so yeah.) Hmmm. I wish my blog was like Gossip Girl and I would have like all the latest shit on absolutely everyone. LOL. But my style of writing is like pretty obvious, so yeah, I don't think it would work. And no one else would be bothered XD Aaaah, lame.

EVENING: ANYWAYS! After we ditched DD, went to Library where I was like laughing liek a motherfucking hyena cause I was drunk on fresh air ?_? Or maybe it was the air pollution from excess traffic congestion ;) LMAO anyway, Wg kept fucking me off so I hit him and stuff and he's all like, PHYSICAL ABUSE~!!!! Bla bla bla. Stupid motherfucker made me feel so guilty D: nd we kept running away from each other in the library, LOL. Borrowed like one book, pretty pathetic. LOL.

Then we went to coles to buy shampoo&conditioner for me and then an oreo mcflurry & then William went on the bus and we went home ^__________^

LOL pretty interesting day in terms of mediocre schooldays. LOL Definitely had a couple of laughs with Alice and walking down the walkway from DOE meeting; us four nooblets were trying to do the Harry Potter thing but it really was not working LOL. Looked like a fucking downie whilst trying to walk into class, I shit you not. I want to fucking hit Neel Kolhatkar, LOL. Jokes, I love that indian kid. (L)
Highlight of the day was probably when Wg entered the scene XD What can I say, that kid makes me laugh. :D I wish he would go to camp, he's so going to regret not going D;

My fuck, how long was this entry @_@


Tried Haloscan, it was too difficult for me to install LOL. (maybe I'm just dumb)
Bahah, how colourful are my entries these days. :)

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