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i hate that someone you spent basically every waking second with is reduced to a buzzing phone and some words on a screen. i hate the time difference, living on the other side of the world.

i hate this in-between phase, not yet ready to let go, but not feeling enough to commit. i am left with wonderful memories that are at risk of being soured by distance and time because the pain of being apart is too much.

i struggle with my newfound independence. in a way, it's so refreshing not to rely on anyone, to feel whole on my own, to know i am a whole unto myself. on the other hand, i know i was made to be one half of a pair - i know how happy i am, how much love i have to give, how it makes me want to be better and more than i am.

i might go my whole life without finding The One. and that's all right. there are so many lives on this earth and not one of them is straightforward and easy. we all struggle. i hope that i can make the best of what i have and enjoy life to the fullest.

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